Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition

Plays on Xbox 360 as well as Xbox One with Backward Compatibility. Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and also Luis Lopez all have a single thing in common – they stay in awful area in America. Right Area worships money and also condition, and is actually paradise for those who possess all of them and also a living problem for those which do not. Niko is wanting to escape his past times as well as create a brand-new lifestyle for themself in the property from opportunity. Johnny, a professional participant from The Dropped bicycle rider group, is actually caught at the center of a vicious domain war along with competing gangs for management of the metropolitan area. Luis, part-time ruffian and full time assistant to famous nightclub impresario Tony Royal prince (a.k.a. “Gay Tony”), is dealing with the contending devotions from friends and family in a planet where every person possesses a price. Their lives intercross pathways along with ruining consequences as they combat to survive in a city torn apart by brutality as well as nepotism.

Plays on Xbox 360 and also Xbox One with in reverse compatibility

Includes Grand Fraud Vehicle IV and also The Episodes: The Lost As well as Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony

* Xbox 360 Game will install to Xbox One console. Functionality like Xbox 360 take in

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